About the SWAPD BIN category

Experimental category for accounts/assets under our 20000 follower minimum. Items sold in this category will receive limited support in case of problems, buyer beware. This category is not moderated and tags are not applied. All platforms are allowed.


Getting less exposure as BIN listings not showing on home page. It’s fine to put under 20K accounts in BIN Category but listings of BIN should also showing on home page otherwise new buyers couldn’t found such accounts easily.


This category is doing just fine without the home page. Views:

Just found out about this today. Was going to make this suggestion awhile ago as there are some really good accounts under 20k

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At least name it something else.
buyers would literally think these accounts are useless and not visit these catagory
why would you do this to us swapd why!


BIN items are selling very well, despite the name.

I understand that BIN listings don’t get front page time but you are not even adding tags to these properties so if someone uses search option they can’t even find these… seriously? :sweat_smile:

This category is not showing in the home page

Yes, and it still gets tons of views.