Access to Facebook MIDROLLS

Hi, I have a page in mid roll… if you get over 100m views per month message me. Bringing on crossposting networks constantly.

Is this a paid service or you’re looking to joint venture with someone? Your post is pretty vague.

Could be both… people can cross post from my mid roll page to there network and earn up to $1000 per million mins watched.

Did you find a partner I have over 30 million. On Facebook

What niche of VIDEOS you posses ? Depends on the VIDEO niche the capacity!
Please give us some more information to know what we can offer You ?


Did we connect on FB?

Have we connected on FB?

No, as i know we are not. Ee can discuss here or there.

Heya i work with biggest brands on facebook like Soflo, Fortafy, Wall Of Comedy, Arika Sato and many more and am interested.

What are the requirements for mid roll?

Heya i have a huge network of premium brands with pages like Wall of Comedy, Soflo and similar. I’m interested in mid rolls.

Interested. Please PM

Influence deals are no longer allowed.

Oh sorry , wasnt aware of that.

Can anyone help in getting approval on facebook midrolls ?