Account Disabled - Without warning, notification or anything. HELP PLEASE

Hi Guys,
Well , I was just using facebook and got logged out. tried to log in again but it said your account is disabled.

I generate my own content , whether its posts, videos or pictures. Someone has filed a fake copyright report and i need help to get back my account now.

Can anyone guide please ?

@Swapd Please Help !

Moved to General Chit Chat. Unfortunately, I personally cannot help with this as I don’t know my way around Facebook too well.

Thank you Alpha.

I’m in the same situation. Days ago, my personal account was disabled. I tried to make an appeal, but all I got was an automatic email from FB what said that they warned me. Totally FALSE! Anyway, it seems there are very small chances of recover it.

Try these links, maybe it works on you. I’ve tried but nothing!

Are u a publisher, i mean u wa
From instant article or ad breaks…

Pm me

Yes, I have tried these forms, so far nothing. They never warn, i agree with you and the reports are totally False.

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Yes , i am a publisher. then.