Account stop growing

Hello everybody!
I have an Instagram account in fitness niche , just 7K followers so far, never used auto likes, engagement groups, buying fake followers likes etc… just posting the pictures and hashtags.

For a month the account was growing pretty well, but in the last week suddenly the account losses followers as you can see in screenshots. I not changed anything just posted as I post as usually…

It happened to anyone too? which would be the cause?

**(Sorry if I made a spelling mistake, English is not my main language.)

There could be a ton of reasons.

  1. Your content may be not as good.
  2. Your followers simply got tired.
  3. The dip may be natural, accounts do not grow at a constant positive (or should I say, it’s a rare thing to see)
  4. IG could be cleaning up spammy accounts.

Hard to tell. I would continue on as usual and wait to see if this trend continues.

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Thank you @Swapd , I will continue as usual and wait to see what will happen.

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they are currently doing a purge of fake spam accounts, it’s happening across the entire platform.

they’re also trying to eradicate botting, the rolled out action blocks on June 4th and another wave June 20th.