Acquire Any Business/Personal Name IG

Ever had a username you always wanted? Like your first or last name? Well, you’re in luck. (Or cat, dog, turtle?)

Time Frame

Pre-payment will not be collected as SWAPD policies, payment will be made only after (depending if on your account status) service is rendered! Claims take up to 2 weeks; however, most claims are completed within 2-3 business days.

I have decided to make this a separate thread as this is for high-end handles that are inactive as I have discovered a different way to request these. (ex. cars, pig, dog)

To clarify, this is a completely different process for me as now it is impossible to acquire handles like these through normal means (hence the price).

Price will vary but upwards of $5K.

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Hi @Elysian some questions:
Can you get inactives and disabled instagram usernames or just inactive? How inactive do they need to be (how many posts overall and how long since last post)? What success rate do you have with this service elsewhere? Cheers big ears :clinking_glasses::beers::ear:t2:


For claims, I have a relatively high success rate. For this specific service which applies to high end OG handles, I can only do inactive usernames.

No set guideline but last post if any at all should be 2017 or older!

Working on 2 right now.

Definitely interested in this service. Will DM you!

Sounds good!

Taking clients!

I am interested!

Replied! Acquire your OGs today. I am not in a place where I can handle requests but I will respond promptly and handle requests when I’m back, bump.

Doing only OGs, no semis or business related names.

So far the seller is 0/1.

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Sorry can only do handles that are media/talent based, nothing vulgar or controversial

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PM sent!

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Bump. For high tier clients only.

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