Active 190k follower account in the cat niche

Country of followers (majority): United States and Indonesia
Amount of followers: 192,000
Topic/Niche: Cats
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Instagram Influencers and Organic

Description: Selling my cat account which has 192k followers. It is an active account, I havent posted on it much in the last week due to dealing with a personal issue but otherwise it is very active. I use this account to post popular cat videos for engagment, funny cat stories and paid promotions for other people that run cat related stores. I charge $20-30 per instagram promotion so if you run ads everyday this will add up and you can also charge a higher price and keep it growing. The account is only about 1 year old and grew pretty quickly, has a lot of potential to grow high, just needs consistent posting. I also have a shopify store that made $4.5k in revenue and since this account is in influencer, I was able to use it as a free advertising platform. I am looking to sell to have some extra capital to put towards my next investment. Putting this for sale as a best offer, DM if serious. Here are a few screenshots of demographics and followers and a view stories ive posted so you can see number of views (around 20,000 views for a story)

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can you give me the username, and the insights please? thanks

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You can’t publicly display the username @morrowza. Against the TOS.

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PM me username and starting price please

PMed you

can you please send me the username and the insights (activity and demographics) thanks

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user name please

please pm link

Plz send me the handle

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PMed you

HI. Please PM insta handle

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username, and the insights

I will PM you

I would like to see the account name/url of the instagram account please :slight_smile: