Active facebook page 262k fans! Offers

Country of followers (majority): International
Amount of fans/followers: 262,149
Topic/Niche: Criminals
Promotion methods used?
%99,9 of fans ORGANIC!
Banned/Unpublished? : Never.
If u upload daily, u can get over 10,000 fans weekly …

Very active Facebook page, very high reach and engagement rate.
PM me for more insights.

I dont understand why you lie in description? You think here is a dump people? You say US fans majority?

So where are US fans here?
If I can, I will ban you for this lies!

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They are top 1? I dont need to lie, trust me … im not that guy u think i am :slight_smile:

English speaking is not the same as English followers. The listing is now corrected. Thank you @Jeronimo034 for pointing it out.

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I’m so sorry, my mistake!

up - edited

Price is 800$ for next 24 hours.

4 hours more left.

please send me URL

I send u message, check it.

updated - 850

Your price went up?

What do u mean?

It was $800

Read well :slight_smile:
It was for last 24 hours.

750$ new price

send me URL please

URL please thanks

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