Active Verified celebrity Acount for sale 337k Followers!

I don’t see

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Why you sell this? Who is the owner and why he sells

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He is a top model (Won the Mr africa title).
He is willing to sell this account because i requested him to do so he is one of my influencers network i use him for ads. Before buying u can ask for any proof and research that this is legit.

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Handle please.

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Handle please

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Pm sent

This account is worth $100.

  • Tanzania following isn’t worth anything
  • they’ll unfollow if you post Western content
  • you can’t change the name
  • when he makes another Instagram account he’ll be wanting to get that one verified.

The only thing this account is worth, is the fake clout.


Thanks you For your wise words.

Still for sale!

Pm handle and we continue from there.

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Hey everybody the handle is stoll available and still on sell

Handle pls

I pmed you alread

Still active