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I completed the requirements for facebook adbreaks, and I submit for adbreaks… but after that it shows that my country is not available…

I updated pages “Page Info” with a USA address, but it still remains unsupported. Please, see attach…

Can anyone help me with this and tell me the price?

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The info that is shown in the “About” doesn’t matter.

Facebook see where do you live ( They have your IP ) and they decide based on that.

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I always thought it depended on where the page (which country) it was created. If it was a matter of IP, wouldn’t we be able to test this via a VPN?

It doesn’t. because when a page changes hands, the location that is visible in the page info is changed.

Let’s say I purchase a page from a guy in the US, and of course, the country is eligible for ad breaks. when I’m the only owner of the page, the country changes to mine ( You even get a notification that the country was changed ) , I think it happens in a week or so.

Happened to me on all of the pages I have ever purchased.

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Thank you for your replies.

So Yair, I do have some United States servers. Can I just switch the page to a new facebook account ( that I create and manage ) from the U.S. server

It doesn’t work like that. You only need a USA admin, it doesn’t matter if you are not in the USA as long as it says the country is supported, it will not change during the application.

I did both of them.
USA Admin and Changed all addresses… still not supported… anything else I should give it a try?

Did you wait a few days? The changes aren’t instant, it takes a while for the page to update.

More than two weeks I guess :frowning:

@Yair - You are the expert here, fix this.

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