Ad Break Question

I was wondering if anyone can help me with my questions about Ad Break.

Currently we have a page approved for AD Break, after that we had one video approved for ads. However, since that one video, all the other videos just remain pending for review and they have sat like that for several days. Anyone know why this is? Any idea how to get them approved or why they take so long to be reviewed. I have had several videos outperform the video that is approved for ad break but they still just sit there pending review.

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Thank you and sorry about doing the improper category.

Ironic, right as posting this, one video I just uploaded today got approved. But others remain pending. smh

Hi ,
The videos which get higher view count are approved earlier.
However if it still shows the video in review, and it’s actually published, chances are that ads will keep appearing on them.

Looks like someone reached SWAPD level three :smiley:

reached couple of weeks before :slight_smile:

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There is SWAPD level four now :smiley: :smiley: (came out with the newest upgrade). I don’t even know what it does (yet)

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ooh cool, waiting for it :stuck_out_tongue: