Ad breaks disbaled without copyright violation

So i have had pretty good 2-3 months with ad breaks but i was very careful and did not roll out ad breaks on all my pages. as according to my experience earning permanently with facebook is really really hard.
so i just rolled out ad breaks on two pages. and yes i used the videos without permission. but the videos were and still are widely used all over the facebook by 100s of pages i have been following.
But the ad breaks on both my pages were disabled within last 7 days.
i was told that i used copyright videos and i posted false news on my pages.
now none of my videos has yet been removed facebook or i even got any notification of copyright violation.
secondly i dont post any links on boths these pages and i also did not share any videos which had any kind of story value in them. they were just very general videos.
I dont understand how i mislead anyone.
Any solution to this or anyone else faced such issue?

Well, did you? Just because the videos are still up on Facebook, doesn’t mean that they don’t have copyright owners.

that does not make sense. you are not in trouble until you are reported by owners and then facebook takes down those videos and then you know. atleast from my experience this is what i know. That until you are reported all is well. this was my understanding.
But i would be interested to know that can you still be reported while you are never made aware of it. and none of your videos are taken down?

Pretty sure this is the case here.

can you be reported like this ? that you are still allowed to keep the videos but still be reported ?

i guess this is why i lost ad breaks monetisation.

EU Copyright Directive Passed - Upload Filters And All

does this effect the publishers in eu. or the pages that have audience in eu.

This law isn’t live yet, so no. Probably not because of that.

That is not the only case, if the owner is a vevo or a label kind they would partially mute the video or facebook auto detect the copyrights owner…!! Thought they haven’t applied to take down it, still it comes under copyrighted material not for public use…!!

i was not also using videos which would be linked to any brand anyhow. but yes a few days back i did receive a notification that some claimed the earnings of a video.
Do think that came under facebook violation and probably become the reason for me to lose the access for ad breaks?


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Same thing happened with another page of mine. But that has the adbreaks. I dont understand

If other pages have videos , they may have posted it long ago.
The original owner of the videos probably got access to rights manager after those videos were posted.

When you upload a new video, it is detected instantly by the original owner’s rights manager that’s why you got the copyright strike.

Videos can only be detected by rights manager, when they are posted to other pages after you’ve added them as reference files to your rights manager database.

i see the people who are actually cheating facebook right and left and finding it easiest on facebook to generate revenue. like people sharing small clips of tv shows movies etc. and getting tons of views with ads and no problem. but when you try to do samething you are caught somehow.
and with the low budget its also not possible to license the videos. so thats where i am stuck right now