Ad Breaks Monetized Gray Verified Active Dogs Page 80K Top Fan USA & UK



Country of followers (majority): USA & UK
Amount of followers: 80k
Topic/Niche: Dogs
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):Organic

Description: Dogs Page for sale , old from 2009 , 50% of the fans us,uk,canada,Australia we start to post again and the reach is getting good like before as forget about this one for longtime , we also apply for facebook gray verification as kennel with our legal papers and 80% will get verified the verification is under review now


what is minimum bid


best offer till now is 400$


we just got the page verified m just to let you know guys


up…for sale


The page now is gray verified and ad break Monetized


Link please


link please, and the best offer till now


link and price ?


your has been approved for making money form ad break?
pls send me link?


hi provide me link please. very interested.


Link please


Link and rate please


Could you send me the link please ? and also tell me the last offer you received and the revenue the page generates with adbreak? bests


i received the page link. but there are no ad breaks appearing in your videos.


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Pm link plz


link please


i’m so interested. Can you pm me link?


please send me the link