ADMIN NEEDS HELP - Unban and recover hacked Facebook account

This favor is for my friend, who isn’t rich, nor does she have a huge account. It was a personal account but it was tied to a BM that had control over a small 300 likes Fanpage tied to her camping houses renting business. The Fanpage is still active as she had another admin (her sister), but she would like to get her personal account back so she can run ads/ETC.

The account was taken over via email. But shortly after the attacker took it over, he linked the account to his weird IG account, then Facebook banned him, and all the properties under his control (including my friends account). Hacked recovery forms aren’t working because the hacker changed email/phone on the account, so Facebook gives “not found.”

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@Thanos Help us out and I sent you a stroopwafel

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Can do hacked recovery , message me

I’d prefer @Thanos because he’s cool, unlike @Om2rr.

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We both are lebanese so its good for the economy who ever do it

And yes we both have fine working joints

Still Lebanese, though.

Crippled > Lebanese.

Well , okay you got this one

Thanos and Om2rr:


This is going to take a while :frowning:

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If 24hr to 1 week not over you can back with official meta support. Easy

I can help

We talked to Meta Business support, no help -_-


Hey hey sending pm now !

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I’m in belgium traveling come visit me :moyai:


Come to amsterdam

come to mars

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Don’t need to get high, thanks.

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ik ben thanos vernietiger van werelden :moyai::moyai::netherlands:


Rich Thanos

@thanos where are you in Belgium?