Adrian's Twitter Shop. 25+ Exclusive Usernames!

Greetings Swapd community!

My name is Adrian and I am thrilled to be a member of this platform.

I have always had a love for collecting and owning standout usernames, and am eager to share some of my highly coveted Twitter OG/Semi-OGs usernames with you.

All of my usernames have been claimed and obtained through legal and safe means, so you can have peace of mind when purchasing from me.

Usernames? To see the full list, You must be a verified member.

Does it include the OG (original) email?: Yes, All of them comes with the original email address.

Prices: Start from $100 to $5000.

Payment method: Crypto only!

Please send list, thank you!

Send list

added new big ogs to list ! dm me for them

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Dm me the list, thanks

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dmed you

send list

send lis blz

verified ur account bro