Adsense account uk


Account type: Adsense account
Adsense account available from uk 6 pay received 1.5 years old


Is this your personal adsense account?


Yes sir


Why should some one buy an Adsense account when it is very easy to get approved? :thinking:


this is old and reliable adsense sir because payment are made and less risky to use with less chances to getting ban


They are old and payment made adsense they are easy to get payment and reloabel to use witthout risk and less ban channces


If you break they TOS they will ban you even your account is 100 years old, all you need is to respect they TOS :slight_smile:


How sir I’m breaking tos can you please explain I’m new here


sorry to say but I highly doubt this will sell for anywhere near $800


I agree. Maybe $30-50