Adsense revenue spike and how to find out why

Hi everyone,

once again leveraging the brilliant minds in this forum. Today i had a spike in Adsense revenue. Nothing too great but still 3-4 times higher earnings than on an average day. The increase was caused by 2 clicks, so the click price was decent.

I would like to find out more about which keyword it caused, which page it happened on etc. So i can optimize further into that niche and publish more contents on it. However, i can’t find any way to identify the keyword that caused the spike and also not on which page it happened.

Is there any way, in Adsense or in Analytics to find out? Both are connected but when i go to Behaviour -> Publisher pages all i see are tiny Publisher revenue entries related to specific URLs. Doesn’t seem to fit my earnings at all (which are higher).

Any advice from the more experienced Adsense users?

Would love to help you out but it’s been a while since I’ve used adsense indepth.
Try @toms maybe he can chime in.

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