Advertising/Promo for the Technology/Financial Niches! BIG BUDGET!

Have a client that will pay top dollar to advertise/promote on your Instagram account, twitter account, fb fan pages, YT channels, etc. If you have a quality tech/financial page on any of those platforms

Looking for more of a partnership and not just a 1 time thing! Pages with Tier 1 fans (majority) will be HIGHLY considered

PM your accounts, rates, and demographics/insights + any other info you’d like to share


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Still looking for someone who provides this!

Still looking

Still looking for this service!

Still looking :slight_smile:

Anyone ??

Any BIG influencers in this niche?

Still Looking

still looking

I have top US brands b/w 4.5-12M likes fb pages

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Bump this :slight_smile:


still looking :slight_smile:

still looking :slight_smile:

PM details

PM me info- I’m a tech influencer and also work with a lot of big influencers


still looking!

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