Ahtisham Paracha - Pakistan. Known Fanpage hacker


Name: Ahtisham Paracha
Known emails used for scamming:

Phone: +923108248476
Has bank accounts in the US (1ST CENTURY BANK). Also owns a clothing store (drop shipping maybe) in Karachi, Pakistan:

Long story short, tried to sell a hacked page here: Facebook page selling 177k likes Romanian Page [Hacked and recovered for the owner!]

We’ve recovered it for the original owner. We’ve reported this user to the Pakistani Cyber Crime division.


Doing god’s work


thank you on behalf of the owner, he still does not think he recovered his page.

great job. thank you


Can you share his Facebook Profile? Is it with the same name? Thanks


Don’t have his fb. He used a fake one for the page.


Report that pakistani cyber crimes reply periodically pls…