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First successful ticket, many more to come.

HMU :rocket:

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Another ticket opened, let’s close some more deals.

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sent list of playlists

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2 tickets closed, hmu :musical_note::rocket:

Promote your music through the biggest network today.

Dm me more info, and links to playlists. Cheers.

Send more info and playlist links

@Abstract @yrf Messaged you both.

If you could send me more info and some links to the playlist that would be awesome!

Hey Ryry. What about the Spotify monthly listener count? Will this reflect in that count?

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Replied to everyone.

Another ticket opened :rocket:

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Interested! Can you PM me with more details? Few sample playlists? How much can it cost for per k streams?

hi please pm me a couple urban/pop/rap playlists you have im interested in making orders asap

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Many orders lined up.

Let’s close some more deals.

Another ticket opened.


Still taking on orders :slight_smile:

Can you do Techno/Tech-House?

Taking on orders, if I missed your message, simply PM me.

Taking on orders.


2 week order done for one client. Results below.

Can I get the 250 1 placement 1 month from you