All Instagram sellers here using fake engagement?

So what does everyone think about the instagram account sellers here using fake engagement to boost prices on their accounts?

I have been trying for a couple weeks to buy an account and while I am doing my due diligence I am finding that all the accounts I am looking at are buying engagement for their posts (mostly in babe category). That seems super shady, or am I missing something that makes this okay on a account in the marketplace?

I am literally watching a current babe account up for sale right now with 120,000 followers (I don’t want to name names) who says all his engagement is organic. But I can watch him post and the post barely gets 100 likes in an hour… like the bought engagement got delayed. And the other posts I watched would barely get 100 likes in an hour or two, and then suddenly all at one time get 1,000 likes. Is there any explanation for this that would support his claim that all engagement is organic??

i think the reality is that anyone who builds up and sells instagram accounts on a regular basis is usually selling absolute crap. this is true anywhere and also true for things like facebook pages, tiktoks, etc. if it were monetizeable, they’d be monetizing it themselves.

the only way to make money off selling instagram accounts (or any other social accounts) on a regular basis is by building them super cheap with crappy followers via shares from big pages or paid promotion, dressing them up to make them look nice, and dumping them on people who dont know better.

that’s why you occasionally see people on here asking for insane sums of money for their social pages like $50K and above. because those people actually built up legit pages and actually monetized them and think they’re worth that much.

cheap social pages that were built up quickly are like knockoff rolexes. their entire purpose isn’t function, it’s just fooling people who don’t know better into thinking they’re worth something.

Yeah, I guess that’s true… I remember a few years ago buying accounts was a much more legit business… I could find real accounts with real followers and engagement, and it was obviously easier to build accounts before too.

But it doesn’t even seem to exist anymore. I guess what you said makes sense… if it’s a good account the owners might as well monetize it themselves. I don’t mind buying an account that has used fake followers to grow real followers, and even a bit of fake engagement if used strategically. But all I ask is that the owners are honest about it and stop lying about their 100% real engagement and followers and then get offended when you point out that’s BS and ask for the real stats.