All World İmpression Website Traffic Service Internet

*Service type Website Traffic Service *

  • Price:1000 Traffic:70$ *

Description: Website Traffic Service Internet

  • 100% Real and Unique Real Visitors.*

  • Google Analytics has Reflections.*

  • Speed: Minimum 10,000 unique visitors per day Results Time: It can take up to 1 week.*

Minimum order amount: 3000 pieces
90% of all budget comes from Desktop
10% of all revenue comes from Mobil.

  •          Just URL is enough *

Link: The full text of the website URL.

:warning: No Illegal Websites Allowed

  • Payment Method: Crypto,Usdt,litecoin,Bitcoin only*

Do you mean 70$ per 1000 visits? Also is it targeted niche audience?

pm for details, the audience usually shoppers

You guarantee that they will be shoppers?

This service sounds like the traffic services of smmpanels of 1000 visits at $0.20.

can you give me a guarantee of shopping :slight_smile:

you are the seller here.

I asked if you can guarantee that.
If you can’t this service will be just like the smm services.

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no seller can give a 100% shopping result, this would be a complete scam

I am responsible for the fact that the people I send are real and enter the site, I don’t know what they are doing inside :slight_smile:



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Full active :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark: