Already Approved Instant Articles Enabled Fanpages For Sale



Already approved instant articles for sale.
Price: 1000$
Domain + page + approved + transfer domain everything included just to start and work.
In stock: 5


I think this should be on unique service @Alpha


I agree, as I assume restock will be happening whenever the seller runs out, thanks for the tag!


Info please


How can I help u ?

unlisted #6

listed #7


User verified, can deliver. Thank you!


Today 1000$ only Transferwise or Btc payment accepted.

Only 3 more Instant Articles are approved.
Domain + hosting + approved instant articles come together in the service



Can you send me the link of the pages left please?
I can pay in BTC for 1 or more.



So can I have the link to the fanpage and domain please ?


Link of the page: EDITED BY STAFF

Name can be changed in whatever you prefer.
Here is the domain:


Edited out your fanpage link, only via PMs!


One more successful transaction. Thank you for using SWAPD.


Hello bro, i want to buy your instant article, plz provide domain and page name


Could you please send available propertys and related information? very much interested, thank you.


I pm u.


Please pm details


Another one positive transaction. Thank you.


You still have it? I would like to buy.