Amazon influencer plus approved social media account $300

Account type: Amazon influencer storefront
Price: $300 ($250 if you pay swapd fees)

Description: amazon influencer program gives a customized storefront URL to eligible social media influencers to earn sales commission from their social pages . few are qualified.

I am selling approved amazon influencer storefront, completely set up , comes with the social media account with a couple thousands of followers used to apply for it. Also has $200 already in earnings.

If needed can point you to paid traffic marketing that guarantees sales and commissions.

Would you please kindly pm me with your social profiles and earning proof


That particular account has been sold but you can place an order here for a custom offer.


Please Pm me how can I place an order

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This is the requirement to book an order if you are interested in the service
send me your social pages you own and followers count.


Instagram. xxxxx followers
Twitter. xxxxx followers
Facebook. xxxxx members/page likes

I will assess it and let’s see if it will get an approved account. Let’s start from there.

Looking forward to your response.

What do you mean by that ? Please inbox me

Means after you have ordered our service and we have delivered your account. You get shown the same paid traffic strategy that enables us to earn $150- $200 into your account during the order period.

Can i get more details? Highly interested in purchasing this service. Can you please answer few questions for me? Would be great if you answer them here so everyone can see.

I don’t have any social media acc can you get me one in your custom order?

Any country restrictions? Like I’m from Pakistan. Can i sell on this program without going through much hassles?

The paid strategies, what’s the ROI % on the paid traffic strategies?

  1. If you don’t have a social account , it can be provided.

  2. No country restrictions. You can get paid via payoneer account and cash out in your local currency.

  3. ROI % on the paid traffic depends on purchases made it is not exact. But you can expect at least 100 percent.