Any solution for open account?

Unlisting this until you provide more information on what you’re asking for and/or what your issue is. Just edit the post and let me know once you do so.

Moving to ChitChat

geting back ur account depends on various factors. If ur account got down for a copyright/trademark strike, it will be a lot tuffer to get back to u. Pls tell ur issue briefly…!

Hi. I’m trying to open my second account. And upon logging in, facebook is showing me this text “Please upload a photo of yourself which clearly shows your face.
When you send us a photo, we’ll check it and then permanently delete it from our servers.” I keep on uploading my pic but it just keeps on getting back to the same option. Tried on different browser but the problem still exist. Please help. Thank you.

basically that works very well, can u dm me and explain it briefly ?

For every acount she uses, she returns to upload your self, and I’m asking for help on how to fix this if you know any links as akauntin. Photo upload your self tell me that the money was already being deleted

I literally cannot understand what u speak bro :frowning:

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You’re not alone don’t worry!

Send them your selfie, it should match your profile picture and if you switch your accounts too many times while working on a laptop, get your webcam covered. It sounds crazy but i had the same issue once and covering the webcam + sending them a selfie sorted it out.

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