Anyone actually tried changing username on Verified IG acc?

Has anyone ACTUALLY tried changing the username on a verified account, on the spot through the app? Everyone takes for granted about you losing the badge, so I want to confirm this with anyone having the ACTUAL proof or experienced this first hand. No hearsay, please, just trying to seek for real first hand experiences.

Ive seen a few celebrity-ish friends change their username for “cooler” ones, and they retained the blue check. :face_with_monocle:

Good question. I’ve changed a verified Twitter account’s username, and the badge disappeared in a heartbeat :sweat_smile:


Same @Goofy ;[

Anyone actually tried with IG? Recently, of course.

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Only way you won’t lose it is if you use my service :rofl:

Well, if you weren’t so picky with the “you must be the original owner” then you’d be my guy for sure lol :slight_smile: