Anyone had this happen with their Instant Articles Acct?


3 months ago monetization got disabled on my FB page. Now the screen has changed as it’s getting time to appeal again after 90 days and it seems as if my web site has been disconnected and is now “Not approved UR”. Would you re-enter it to connect or submit a new web site(if even possible)?

Anyone have experience with this? Re-applaying for IA after 90 days?


Probably you fixed it already, but I write for other users that may read this.
You can submit a new appeal practically every day , until you get it re-approved… no need to wait 90 days.
About the domain, you can try to send some traffic on it,and see if it change to Approved… if not, send traffic to another domain and add it there.

Thank you. Now someone in the appeal reply from FB is saying that our site has miising or incomplete sections and possibly doesn’t load properly??? It seems fine to me and I don’t know what to look for? Anyone have ideas?


If this is their answer to your appeal, delete it and send another appeal after 2 days … but make sure that your site really load correct in mobile browser.

As far as I can tell it does. I deleted an old pagination plug-in that was disabled in WordPress, don;t think it had an impact.
Never thought of deleting old appeals…