Anyone who can open disabled facebook account

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I’m searching for somebody who can open disabled facebook account

tell me if you find somebody, thanks bro


First link disabled
2nd link disabled
3rd link disabled
4th link disabled
5th link disabled

With this links i have successfully reopened few accounts, try your luck :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Negeadin, these links actually no longer work. Also they are all dead links

The links are working fine… for me!

Very odd, must be location based because I have tried and several other people I know have tried and everyone goes to a dead page.

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screenshot with the first link from the list, the link as are working fine :frowning:

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Does appear you are correct. Sorry my mistake. Note, it does not work if you are already logged into another facebook account. My mistake. The links work great. Please ignore me.

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The link works fine but when i send appeal i recieve red message that my email is not connected with disabled account what is the problem can anyone help me

I also tried it but they’ve sent me an email with this “We had previously warned you that we would block your account if you continue to violate the rights of third parties. Accordingly, your account has been suspended and you are no longer allowed to use Facebook.”