Hi, I’m interested to know if anyone here offer or can refer me to someone who can boost iOS and Android App installations. I’m looking for about 100,000 app installations each. It should be permanent on the store. Any ways to crack it, let me know. Thanks

Hey Romy,

What is your budget for this?

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Hey, Thanks for reaching out.
$500 for every 100,000 app installs. (That’s pretty much the quotes I am receiving here on SWAPD.)
The Installs should be permanent and should show on the app store & play store as 100,000+ installs

That’s a decent rate

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Let me know, Please and thank you :slight_smile:

Also any success lately regarding Facebook & Instagram Verification?

hey pm me


hey contact flipmass. you should be able to work out a deal with them. they use telegram

were you able to find someone who can deliver this at $500 for 100,000 installs?

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Good luck with that price dude

Well, there were sellers on SWAPD who did at $300-$500 range for 100k installs :grin:

Can you tag the seller here? I would also like to purchase app installs for my upcoming app.

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Yes, please share. I would also like this at least for Android installs.

Also, what country are they from?

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There is a confusion here. The CPI would be $4 for 200 daily installs. CPI is cost per install so this means $400k for 100k+ installs. And the CPI defers from one app to another.

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Is that what @SpinX is offering or what you can offer him?

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That’s what the other person is offering.

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