Appealing Facebook Zero Link Reach


Has anyone tried appealing the Zero Link Reach with Facebook pages that has had it? And if so what happened with the appeal and after the appeal. Was your Reach returned?? Please let me know


Hi All,
Important update to Zero reach users.
I have already Face the same issue on 27 Dec 2017 down by zero reach in my all link and rest work fine. So I appeal the fb to reactivate the reach but no response. After 8 days my reach automatically got back and all my link start showing in all my fans news feed. So no need to worry about zero reach try to reduce the link post during that period and avoid this below keywords or phrases in headlines.

Most commonly used clickbait phrases and words to avoid are:
Then he/she found out
What they saw
Brought him/her to tears
Looks inside
Going viral
Never expected
The reason why
Watch the reaction
What’s happening
Then she/he realizes
Can’t stop laughing
I had no idea
(PROFESSION HERE) hate her/him
She/he noticed something
Here’s why

So guys just update us also if you find more information about zero reach and all.
I am also contribute my knowledge and skills with you guys. Bye have a good weekend.

Chandan Arora