Approved Upwork Account ready to submit Proposals

Account type: Upwork Fully Approved Account
Price: 100 USD

Description: I have fully approved Upwork account which is fully verified and approved by Upwork Team. If you can provide some kind of freelancing service, you can make money with it.

Can account info be edited?

I have never tried that. So I’m unsure. Can you tell me which info you wanna edit so I can try doing that.

You can edit with your own information you want to use and check. It’s not up to me to give that info because if it doesn’t work then it’s my fault.

I checked and the info can be edited.

You have to wait a day or so. UpWork doesn’t immediately allow the name to be edited. They manually review it. It should say that.

I checked the qualities section .I was able to edit it. Didn’t checked Name section though.

Well it makes sense qualities and services etc information could be edited. People don’t keep the same profiles on any website forever. Anyway, GLWS. I’m out.

Let me know if anyone need my assistance.