Are Reels Bonuses Done?

Got this message today from a meta community manager, sounds like bonuses are getting discontinued :frowning:

"Starting today, we will stop extending new and renewed Reels Play deals on Facebook globally and Instagram in the US. We will honor the existing Reels Play deals until they expire over the next 30 days.

We know this may be disappointing. While these bonuses have helped support creators as they learned what type of Reels content resonates their audiences, our other monetization products are now scaling faster and proving more sustainable outcomes over the long term, and we’ve taken these learnings to adjust our approach to do what’s best for our Creators community. We have many monetization tools that empower creators of all sizes and stages to earn steady streams of income, and have made additional enhancements to our suite of monetization products over the last year:

  • On Facebook, we launched Ads on Reels to enable ads revenue sharing with creators

  • We launched gifting and Subscriptions on Instagram and Stars on Reels on Facebook to help creators earn directly from fans

  • We’ve launched the Creator Marketplace on Instagram to help creators earn from brands

We believe this product suite will best enable creators to earn a sustainable living on Facebook and Instagram as we evolve our Reels Play program. Please comment on this post if you have any additional questions and we’ll do our best to answer them."