AUCTION format Starting Bid 1 BTC - 2 character one word domain name PLUS Bonus Twitter Handle Contributor Access OG HANDLE

Got it! Thanks everyone for your feedback…lol

To clear things up, is the most value in the domain or the additions? I see that you’re including access to an active Twitter/insta account…is that where you’re trying to gather the most value?

Cool dude! you’re a good friend backing your boys up. lol

Not important, but yeah the branding opportunity is worth well more than 1 BTC. I laugh because the people here rely on “forums” for their market valuation of things, then bash a company like Godaddy worth more than all those forums combined as a legitimate source for valuation? Sure makes sense! lol I’ll stick to buying here from here on out, no worries everyone. GL to you all!

Everything is a branding opportunity in the right hands.

Never seen anyone around here discuss like a madmen the way you are.

Are you ok? Feel free to PM me anytime to chat.


You see value in it. It’s yours, you should. But, from my experience with GoDaddy I’ve bought domains for $11.99 and then gone to the valuator to see it appraised for $1200-$1500. Not saying that it can’t be sold for that, anything is possible…but being a realist 9-10 times that valuation tool is just giving an arbitrary number…

But, it is possible that it could be sold for what you’re asking… We’re all here to make money. I’m not going to crap on a person’s hustle.

Dude I’m fine. Thanks for the PM offer though. Truly appreciated lol

Poor Swapd :smiley:

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Can i buy in 177$ lmao

Exactly! I would never crap on anyone else either, but that’s what the first poster did. Especially PUBLICLY on the thread? He didn’t send a pm saying he thought the price was too high. HE DID IT PUBLICLY. Which is how I know 100% the guy had an Ulterior motive. Then his boys, and so on. All good! They can keep their domain name click here going. I’l just used Swapd to buy. But I can’t wait to see their sales threads and ask for their pricing here in the near future. This should be hilarious!

Exactly Godaddy undervalues domain names…lol if is worth $177 what’s worth lol hahahahahaha Thanks for confirming what I already know though! :rofl: I am just joking of course just fyi.

Undervalues AND overvalues, which is why it doesn’t mean anything. Simply a very inaccurate tool.

Again, this was an obvious ulterior motive by an idiot who still has Instagram handles listed from January because they’re so overpriced, but has the balls to bash someone else for their list price? Sure makes perfect sense! Don’t worry! All the threads are being closed. No longer available anyway. So your entire VIP Clan of attacks was successful! Good job! The money he’s costing this place with these attacks will eventually catch up to him and his entire clan of idiots! Book it! Have a great day though.

Sold most of them but okay, you do you. All neutral comments on my part and you suddenly get aggravated over nothing. Might want to take a step back for and consider who you’re arguing against.

I’m not talking about YOU bro, I’m talking about the initial idiot who started these attacks. Unless you’re using multiple accounts. But if you have handles listed from January? Then my point applies to you also. Go look up the word hypocrisy. Can I go on your threads that are a month or so old and bash the price PUBLICLY? That’s OK? My thread was posted for less than an hour though and it’s 100% okay to do it to me? What because you’re VIP’s? Listing wasn’t even up an hour, but he has handles listed from JANUARY that still haven’t sold? Yeah right, get bent if you think that’s ok! The auction didn’t even have a chance to get started and a person who literally has a handle from JANUARY not sold had the balls to start attacking MY PRICE? LOL Then you like a good little clansman followed right after him. So yeah YOU TOO, I’m going to look at your threads right now!

YEAH RIGHT So this handle Best Food Niche Account (Handle + Stat On Site) listed since SEPTEMBER 28TH that still hasn’t sold isn’t freaking overpriced? Yeah YOU’RE a hypocritical scumbag also! The first idiot is probably your friend!

Again you idiots think you’re smart trying to eliminate competition here. If someone buys my auction that’s one less person to buy your overpriced IG handle right? Yeah you’re not slick, anyone with an IQ over 100 can see what you idiots were up to!

In closing @Swapd I do think there should be rules about bashing someones price an hour into a sale thread…lol Especially when those same people have overpriced crap themselves that hasn’t sold since JANUARY!

@swapd please close this thread also. Just too aggravating to even think about anymore. The hypocrisy displayed here is insane at best!

What the actual ■■■■ are you on about

Oh great idiot #1 returns with his unsold IG handle from freaking January LOL You have a lot of balls I’ll give you that. Unsold handle from JANUARY not overpriced there? really? lol

Yair sux.