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Hello everyone. Wanted to ask in general what do people think of “AUDIT”, is this the right way to determine an account?
I’ve had an original account grown personally for example, with up to 300 comments on posts, yet audit resulted in a “D”, leading to scaring a client away, when clearly you could see with your own two eyes you could not fake a large amount of comments on continuous posts, which many swapd clients have said it’s impossible “Y” account gave that result seeing the activity on the posts.
Is AUDIT really the way to give a final voice to everything?
Another example, I have an Adult IG with a very high activity, around 10-13% engagement, atleast 1k inbox messages daily and 30k to 50k story views on a 100K page, yet audit failed, why? ‘X’ person has a second account to follow adult content , leading to having no pictures nor activity, meantime the guy actually has messaged the Instagram in question on daily basis, yet he’s shown as “suspicious” leading the audit to determine it as “almost fake”, which ends up ruining an audit completely.
Now how does your 5k last followers determine your accounts worth based on their activity, wether they are or aren’t active on their social media. You can clearly tell a bs account from a real one, yet audit mixes those between and fails to deliver properly the quality that promises it does.
Now giving a note “D” on an account and swapd moving on to making the account as it’s equal to 0 is frustrating, as how does “C” get approved and “D” no? What’s the difference? How does one not use their Instagram experience overall to give an opinion aside the audit and not just use the audit score to give a final conclusion.
Idea: Swapd should have a staff member (social media expert) that gives their own opinion alongside the AUDIT score so the client can take both in consideration.

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I never look at the audit. There are only 4 things I care about when purchasing account and determining if the accont is worthy -

1: Top 5 countries
2: That the impressions correlate with the engagements
3: My eyes
4: My experience


There is no reason why someone who JUST followed you has a dead account. People just don’t get up and say “hey, let’s fire up my old Instagram account I never use and follow that one guys account.”

Latest followers should nearly ALWAYS be active, it’s common sense.

Is AUDIT really the way to give a final voice to everything?

It’s not. We use audits for ourselves to see if we can implement a warranty. If a buyer wants to purchase despite the audit, we (mostly) don’t care.

Now giving a note “D” on an account and swapd moving on to making the account as it’s equal to 0 is frustrating, as how does “C” get approved and “D” no? What’s the difference?

It’s called a threshold. That’s like saying “how does holding your breath for 2 min differs from 3 min.”

Swapd should have a staff member (social media expert) that gives their own opinion alongside the AUDIT score so the client can take both in consideration.

We mostly do that. Plenty of times I’ve said positive things about accounts even though the audit didn’t come back clean.

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By the way, I’ve just completed another audit for an account @Comfy is selling. And it’s one of the worst accounts I’ve seen in the past couple of weeks.
Comfy, do you give me permission to show the account in public? Perhaps that would clear things up why you’re unhappy with the way we run business. I don’t have the exact numbers but I am fairly sure most of your accounts listed here scored very poorly, and you’re unable to sell, this is why you’re angry with the way we do things. Perhaps try getting better properties first, rather than criticize the way we work.

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Yes and then you can grab this as well:
REMOVED - Don’t post unnecessary links in public.

I’m selling the accounts on the cheaper price, if you actually knew how Instagram worked you’d stop this emotionally personal attack against me and grow a pair.
A lot of accounts are sold daily, and I sell more than 20 each month, clearly not all are perfection. Instagram has 1-2m new accounts each day and the new algorithm and a lot of 3rd party programs going through nowdays godknows what happens. Nevertheless you can share all, and I mean ALL of my accounts audit as I will be selling more accounts.

I would like to publicly apologize to you Comfy, I have made a mistake about the comments on your latest account. It seems my browser (PC) threw me off and I didn’t notice that these latest post were the same (I hardly use the mobile app and on PC it’s virtually indistinguishable to tell a multiple image post from a single post)

However, the account still scored a D, and the activity is sub-par, and many of the comments are generic. I will stick to the audit report, but once again, I apologize for the fake comments accusation. Totally my bad, please accept my apology. It’s just that you don’t have a clean track record here regarding good properties, so I naturally came out swinging bats at you. Sorry.

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I always do a random selection of followers for a manual check and so often you see things like this

Not only botted comments, but also because users, use services like fuel gram to hit explore pages with false numbers, they attract both crappy tier 4 traffic along with other accounts trying to do the same thing.

So you have a fashion account being followed by an account about soccer or fishing and then whip back about organic activity.

So I personally always do both and nearly always find those with low engagement percentages, and poor audit scores to be exactly what the audits come back with.


So I didn’t do a check on your account but I have now, and I find you to be so far out of line, just a check of your last 10 followers shows something going on with your account, and to be complaining about an audit is remarkable.

Ill show you, lets just analyze the last 10 users - Just remember your last 10 most recent, see if these look real or if they look like people wanting to follow a fashion account, or just trying to follow/follow back and number grow

User 1

Some African user following over 6000 accounts with 8 posts. More than likely a fake trying to grow followers. Why would this user be interested in girls fashion account?

this is the account everyone, check the latest 1k followers like jason did the “last 10” and let me know if you think the same way he does!

    Personally I don’t see what you do, but you’re clearly acting like this to win over an argument and not look bad. Fine, you can take over the argument and do as you see fit. The account scored “D” which A,B,C are accepted from you. However now you’re attacking me over and over again. I would like to let you know I have no desire in discussing further with you as you’re way inexperienced for Instagram. Cheers

User 2 - Same story

User 3

Realest looking one yet

I did look into the hundreds the story is the same

Clearly as I was trying to sell this account and an audit was being made. I GOT FAKE FOLLOWERS at the last second, that’s your logic. Do you have anything else to note for me, please do as I don’t mind this discussion at all


This wouldn’t be an issue if it was a one time occurrence. But you have failed audits a few times now, please don’t try to down play it. This is why you’ve created this topic in the first place. You attacked us, despite the fact that you nearly never cleared an Instagram account.

You made this public, and pretended like you have some awesome account and have been hard done by, its 79000 people yet can barely make 1000 likes, and when you do a check of the followers they don’t stack up.

As I say it is remarkable the claim the made above.

Guess what Jason, the account is not top USA. You’re discriminating peopme over having a black profile or not having an english speaking profile and description.

Do you even know how reach algorithm works?
Is SWAPD looking to hire a competent employee that doesn’t let his feelings get in the way and act professionally all the time, if so I would gladly discuss with you about a possible offer you may offer me. Ofcourse if you can actually talk, properly.

LMAO im not discriminating, don’t be childish.

Im saying that it is a fake account, and you have pumped the account out into farms of some descriptions, caught huge numbers of fake followers who are farming the same thing.

When a large majority of your followers, follow over 6000 accounts each, they aren’t there to see or really follow your content, they are fake accounts being built in attempt to inflate numbers and then be sold off as whizbang super engagement accounts.