Automated : 123Movies

The website works completely automatically

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What’s the cost to run this website? Any server costs? Marketing expense? Maintenance cost?
How much is it pulling in revenue per day out of ads ( main source of income )
do you have any affiliates working for you or is at all organic?

Interested, pm info, please.

The cost of running the site is only 15-20$ per month for hosting and that’s all.
Traffic is 100% organic I’m not using any other source.
Right now revenue is minimal (30$ per day) because I use only 1 Ad on the site, this number can be at least 3 times more with 2 more ads.

Traffic is growing fast

Link please

Sent you in PM. Update

Send me all details

Can you tell me what do you need to know ?

Whats the difference between this and simply downloading a 123movies script from the internet? You can create this type of automated content site for free….

Site has 33k traffic with few ads can make 100-150$ per day, that’s the difference.

Sorry but that does not answer the question. Doesn’t make sense to pay over $9k for a script that you can get for free and then start your own site

Okay make your own site for free :sweat_smile:

Well it goes against virtually every copyright law and will be shut down eventually. So no thank you :sweat_smile:

GLWS :v:t3:

Well you don’t know what are you talking about streaming sites so please move to the thread where you have some knowledge.

Meanwhile my streaming site make money without moving my mouse over them.

There’s no way you’re going to claim that these kind of streaming sites are legal :rofl:.

I’m not trying to dispute that you can make money with ads…but the question is, for how long.