AvocadoBro.com - Avocado Merch, News, & Recipes (HIGH POTENTIAL)

Reason for Selling: A personal project I started because I love avocados, don’t really have the time to follow through, if I don’t find the right buyer I might revive it.

Description: Great potential, creates buzz on social media platforms. Nearly fully automated dropshipping website, real imported customer reviews from the suppliers, has a plugin to upload recipes easily, has a plugin to automate Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook for easy account growth.

Niche: Avocados

Age : Officially l aunched a couple of weeks ago.

Domain: AvocadoBro.com

Domain Registrar: GoDaddy

GoDaddy Domain Valuation: $1,127

Domain Expiry: 5/13/2020

Domain Age: 2

Orders: 2

Traffic: https://imgur.com/FVp4urB

Payment Method: PayPal or BitCoin

Transfer Process: GoDaddy domain push, website packaged into wp file & sent over mega.

Social Media Following:

User Demographics: Millenials

CMS/Backend: WordPress/WooCommerce

Backlinks: About 200 non-blog high authority backlinks (mixed follow/dofollow)

BIN: $4000

Feel free to DM me with any questions.

Site is down?

It was working for me but check now.


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