B2B Lead Generation on Comission Basis

Service type: I will take care of the lead generation for your Web Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Verification or SaaS business.

Price:- Comission based or Partnership

Description:- I am very good with lead generation through cold email/messages. I will reach out to the clients either by cold emails or messages on Social Media. I am willing to work on a comission or partnership basis, I will only work with Web Development, Digital Marketing or SaaS Businesses.

We can work out the details of comission/remuneration in DMs, so Hit me Up if that’s something you are looking for or you just want to know more about the service.

If you want to just hire me on monthly retainer rather than working on comission basis than the monthly charges for this is $999/monthly + SWAPD fee.

Read this detailed guide to know more about my service and why is it so successful.