Babe pages

Looked into growing pages, heard that babe pages are extremely easy to grow so I tried it out. Now here I am with a 15K page. However, the profile visits and follower growth is literally identical, I know instagram limits the reach on these types of pages, but I literally feel like someone is botting my page. My posts normally get around 500-1000 likes. I’m only growing around 100 followers a day now which feel like bots, I haven’t been seeing much growth in my likes either.

Could someone explain babe pages in general a bit more for me? I’m completely lost and don’t know what to do.

Thank you very much

its not bots its just horny dudes who follow just to look at babes. useless traffic

Just makes no sense to me.

I see a lot of pages not using hashtags etc, surely that’s leaving a lot of reach on the table.