Baby instagram page wanted

Hi. I am looking to purchase an Instagram page for babies. I want to use this for my children, and want to start off with followers and likes to be able to do Collabs. I don’t want something too obvious, and I don’t have a big budget … Pls only real followers, no bots… Budget is $100 more or less… US page, followers and likes please.
Thanks so much for any help!

Hello! I have a 4K Instagram account, the followers are stan accounts Bc it’s a fan page so it’s a good page for a children account!

Hi! What are "Stan accounts’? Pls let me know your price, and the link so I can take a look at the page… Pls comfirm that I will be able to change the page’s name to my own, and eventually delete images I don’t want in there, without loosing followers,… Also, pls confirm followers are in the US mostly

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