[BANNED] Need help with my 363K Follower IG Account


Hey guys,

I own a 363K travel and aviation photography related Instagram page and I make a small amount of money per month just driving traffic to other pages and websites. I need ideas or help on how I can earn more from my page. I’m not really that guy who knows a lot about this. Thanks.


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I don’t think anyone here will coach you, unfortunately. You have a pretty solid property, but aviation isn’t something that does well in e-commerce, so I believe you are stuck on doing shoutouts. Your only other option is to call aviation manufacturers/websites to see if they’re interested in buying it. But again, you have the odds stacked up against you. I have been down that route before. Just getting to talk to someone who is responsible for marketing in these big companies is nearly impossible, and even when you do, no one will treat you seriously, unless you represent a known marketing company.


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