Be a Guest on Popular Podcasts | Jordan Belfort, Lewis Howes, Ed Mylett, David Meltzer, Danica Patrick and more!

Do you have a story you would like the world to hear? Are you struggling to get on podcasts? I have various of options for you that you can select from and be a guest on the podcast. My team does over 100+ bookings a year outside of SWAPD and we’ve decided to bring the service on here too!

Payment is made upon delivery, meaning once the date is set for the podcast episode.

Few examples of clients that we’ve scheduled to be a guest on a podcast:

Let’s talk about your goals and get you going today!

Available Podcasts:

  • Podcast name: The School of Greatness
    Podcaster: Lewis Howes
    Genre: Entrepreneurship, conversation, online & network marketing
    Listeners: 1.5M
    Price: On Request

  • Podcast name: Max Out
    Podcaster: Ed Mylett
    Genre: Entrepreneurship, Fitness, Wealth
    Listeners: 2.2M
    Price: On Request

  • Podcast name: The Playbook
    Podcaster: David Meltzer
    Genre: Entrepreneurship, Success, Sports
    Listeners: 360K
    Price: $12.5K

  • Podcast name: Sales School
    Podcaster: Jordan Belfort
    Genre: Entrepreneurship, Sales, Business strategy
    Listeners: 1M
    Price: $15K

  • Podcast name: Pretty Intense
    Podcaster: Danica Patrick
    Genre: Entrepreneurship, Minds, Sports, Fitness
    Listeners: 1M
    Price: On Request

  • Podcast name: Dropping Bombs
    Podcaster: Brad Lea
    Genre: Entrepreneurship and Sales
    Listeners: 302K
    Price: $17.5K

  • Podcast name: Rise of the Young
    Podcaster: Casey Adams
    Genre: Youth, Sales, Entrepreneurship, Motivation
    Listeners: 218K
    Price: $10K

  • Podcast name: Okay Sis
    Podcaster: Scout Sobel & Mady Maio
    Genre: Lifestyle, Business & Culture
    Listeners: 21K
    Price: $1.5K

  • Podcast name: The Entrepreneur Accelerator Lab
    Podcaster: Rheem Kharbat
    Genre: Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Success Stories
    Listeners: 6.5K
    Price: $1.2K

  • Podcast name: The Hive Podcast
    Podcaster: Jared Spink
    Genre: Entrepreneurship and Creatives
    Listeners: 1.5K
    Price: $1K

  • Podcast name: 30 Days Podcast
    Podcaster: Travis - Joanna
    Genre: Business, Entrepreneurship Podcast
    Listeners: 33K
    Price: $1.2K

  • Podcast name: Finding Direction
    Podcaster: Stu Massengill
    Genre: Self-Development
    Listeners: 12K
    Price: $1K

  • Podcast name: Mentors Collective
    Podcaster: Dr Jay Feldman
    Genre: Entrepreneurship, Health and Marketing
    Listeners: 117K
    Price: $1.2K

  • Podcast name: Party of 2
    Podcaster: Ian Lenhart
    Genre: Entrepreneurship, conversation, online & network marketing
    Listeners: 6K
    Price: $800

  • Podcast name: The Glow Theory
    Podcaster: Noelle Crooks
    Genre: Self-improvement, Lifestyle Podcast
    Listeners: 2K
    Price: $750

  • Podcast name: No Rain - No Rainbows
    Podcaster: Ted Pheaton
    Genre: Entrepreneurship, Passive income
    Listeners: 1K
    Price: $750

  • Podcast name: Mindfull Communication
    Podcaster: Jonathan Miller
    Genre: Art & Science of Connection
    Listeners: 2K
    Price: $750

  • Podcast name: The Tone Mob
    Podcaster: Blake Wyland
    Genre: Music, Guitars and Food
    Listeners: 60K
    Price: $600

  • Podcast name: Pillow Talk Podcast
    Podcaster: Robbin Evette
    Genre: Independent business & artists
    Listeners: 2K
    Price: $400

  • Podcast name: Real Estate Disrupters
    Podcaster: Steve Trang
    Genre: Real Estate
    Listeners: 18K
    Price: $800

  • Podcast name: Fred Talk
    Podcaster: Freddy Valoy
    Genre: Storytelling, Business, Art, Tech
    Listeners: 1.5K
    Price: $300

  • Podcast name: Creative Collective
    Podcaster: Ash Thorp
    Genre: Performing Arts
    Listeners: 5K
    Price: $300

  • Podcast name: Life Unlocked
    Podcaster: James
    Genre: Any genre, as long as it’s not politically focused
    Listeners: 21K
    Price: $300

  • Podcast name: Shine Through The Shadows
    Podcaster: Nickole Pimlott
    Genre: Self-improvement, Growth and Mindset
    Listeners: 2K
    Price: $300

Payment Method: USDT.

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How do you prove their listener engagement? I checked about 5 of these accounts and their social media engagement is way lower than mine and I’m nowhere near the numbers displayed here

The main podcasts I focus on are the big ones. Those can get way above the number displayed if the interview is great.

Let me know which ones you checked out and I will remove them if the number is way lower. Also, this is a podcast interview meaning on Spotify, Apple, etc… The numbers are not from their Instagram or Facebook engagement.

Yes I know, that’s why i’m asking how you prove their podcast engagement? Because their other social media doesnt numbers dont add up. You’d think someone with a million views per podcast would get more than a few hundred likes elsewhere. Is there any analytics for Apple or Spotify?

It’s the average views they’ve been getting on their podcasts, it may be higher or lower on the future ones depending on how the audience likes the current podcasts they’re posting

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