Be careful while buying FB Groups!


I’ve never been scammed ( In the business for 7 years! ) until now.

I’ve bought a Facebook group around a month ago, which is >

After I bought it, I’ve fully secured it with 2 profiles & linked my page to the group.

suddenly, an hour ago, I see that I’m no longer an admin, and some Pakistani guy is the admin of the group.

The new admin is friends with the one who sold me the group.

My accounts weren’t hacked and also my page.


I’ve talked to someone who said he thinks the people who sold me the group contacted Facebook claiming they got hacked and they gave them back the group.

Someone else told me “They send an invitation to another admin before sell you the group. So they wait, and activate that and erase you”

Their Profiles >


there’s no way to see pending invites for roles?

I’d like to add these guys on ScamGrade if you dont mind


Go for it.

There is no way to see pending invites, I can’t believe I didn’t think about that.


no one really does… i dont see how FB doesnt have a failsafe like some sort of confirmation to admin


who sold it to you?


Salman Khan, and the new group admin is on his Facebook friends.

Talked to Salman and he admitted to the scam, fucking scums.


can you post a screenshot?



@SwapD I cant change the category to Blackbook


Changed. Did his FB profile photo went to stock literally just now? I could swear I’ve seen a profile photo just two min ago, now that I refreshed, it’s deleted. Wanted to compare it to our ID database.


Yep he deleted his profile picture.
U can see it on one of my messages above. Posted a pic of the chat


so dangerous


jesus christ


The problems is that “Salman Khan” is a popular Indian actor so I am guessing that the name is fake. But since he deleted the profile image, he may have used his real one. Anyone has the photo?


There used to be a trick to take over Fanpages like that (patched now). What you would do is send an admin invite to an email that’s not tied to any FB account. You sell the page, you remove the admins and yourself, done deal. But, two weeks later you can go ahead and register a FB account with that email that wasn’t registered and boom, looky looky, there is an admin invite waiting for you.

Back then, when you invited someone who wasn’t registered and removed yourself, the invite was missing from the Page Roles (even though the invite was active). This is no longer the case.

However, this seems like the problem is live and well with Facebook groups. This will be easy to test. If we do, let’s make a case study and report it to the bug bounty at Facebook. They’re responsive to things like these. We can patch this up, otherwise we can’t allow FB groups anymore on SWAPD.


Yea Im familiar with this case that happened a while ago.

Imma test the group thing now.


Sweet please do and report back!


I’m adding you as an admin on a new group, just to test, is that ok?
( accept it )


he sell the group on swapd ?



I found photos of this guy shitting in the woods :smiley:

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