Be careful while buying FB Groups!


Or at least, that was on his public profile with pictures set to public.



Accept the invite to become an admin


I am 90% positive this guy is a member here, his profiles went 404 (everything went 404/private) as soon as you posted on SWAPD blackbook.




YEP THAT WORKS. אלוהים ישמור פייסבוק


So the method works?

If you make a detailed explanation how it works in the Public Blog section, you will get MOTM badge (you were on the track of getting one any way as you’ve been nice with the SWAPD promo)


Oh you lazy ■■■■

Will post


I really wish we had his profile photo:


oh well, the money that was stolen from me isn’t as important as the lesson I’ve learned. so I couldn’t care less, just hoping Facebook will patch it so people won’t get scammed anymore, I’ve talked to 3 other people that got scammed by him.

Posted. There's a way of re-claiming FB groups! This is how it works


@Yair1238 It would be good that the detailed post to be reported to Facebook too, so FB staff fixes the problem…

Maybe Like this maybe you earn a small bounty too


Where do I report?

Search something like this on google too:

Bug bounty Facebook, and see how to proceed with the report


Just don’t tell them that you find out while buying or selling it… It’s not allowed and you may lose everything you have under your profile…


try search salman khan


I’ve already reported to bug bounty before. Never said anything about buying and selling, but the problem I’ve had (and the discovery) was pretty obvious in the sense that they could easily add two and two together. At bug bounty, they don’t really care about that, they just want things patched up. It’s not their department to punish.


I see. So this is why some people randomly becoming admin of a group that i bought few days ago.

Is there any way to cancel all the pending invites for admins and mods?


you’d think at least FB would have that, but I dont see that option


This is not the image of actor salman khan… and salman khan is a famous name in pakistan too…!!!


Bump, as well as I think it was a fake profile because the guy who scammed you was using a Pakistani celebrity photo named Bilal Abbas Khan. I’ve searched the image on Google photos by searching image and found the result attached with comment.


Looks like this scammer archived the group and linkd it to another page

Posted a report here:


I’ve sent you something via message. Have a look please :slight_smile: