Be careful with “babe” accounts - Instagram may ban/delete adult related (babe/models) type of accounts


So recently Instagram announced they are going to be really diving into “inappropriate” accounts. Which means all these “babe/fitness/model” accounts are going to be in danger. Just thought I’d let you all know to be cautious.

Here is one of the articles that discusses it

Also included like bate images and others


So many “models” are going to be crushed




Public Blog worthy news. Thank you! I’ve edited the title a bit so it’s more descriptive, I hope you don’t mind. We’ve seen a rise of these accounts on SWAPD in the past few days/weeks, I wonder if this is related to this news.


Anyway, imo, Babe accounts has little to no value


Just like your SWAPD membership. Brings to value to the community.




You won. I honestly don’t know how to respond to this lmao


You know I’m just playing I love you dear <3


too late, already crying


Hey I have a babe account!