Be wary of @Denzo

Swapd is already aware, but I wanted other users to be aware as well just incase.

He posted about doing an 80/20 deal leveraging the LLC’s of others offering to pay the taxes of the other people. Some people in the thread were saying it “sounds too good to be true”. Seems that way, because once you talk to him he mentions he also needs your SSN and tries to get you off site saying you “cant do deals with no upfront cost on swapd”

I talked to some other people who spoke with him and aside from the fact that what he’s saying about the ecommerce situation doesn’t make sense, he reportedly is also asking for:

  • pictures of your drivers license
  • pictures of your ssn card
  • your credit score
  • you to zelle $350 to start the LLC
  • you to open a bank account, but not log into it and just give them access to it

I’m not sure what he’s up to, but the fact that he’s taking you off site and asking for everything you need to steal someone’s identity is about as shady as it gets so i would steer clear.


Obviously he probably wants to open a bank account then order a huge credit loan , buy crypto and run away.

This is a common scam, I’m still impressed people fall for it yet.

Rule N1: Easy money is never good, now or later you will pay the price.


It’s true, I anticipated that he would do that. It’s unbelievable how easily people are falling for it. He’s requesting pictures of your driver’s license and SSN card, which is illegal. Asking for personal information on SWAPD goes against the rules. I hope @Administrators can review this and take appropriate action.


I spoke to him briefly and the whole thing just doesn’t make any sense haha they have their own LLCs in the US, but can’t open any more so they’re giving away 5k a month to random people haha

Can’t get fishier than this lol


Forgot to ask for your crypto seed phrase


Sad that people probably fell for this even if it wasnt people from swapd


How do you say you’re doing this at a huge scale then say you can’t afford to make LLC’s in the same sentence…