Become a writer / contributor on - Very Unique Service and Amazing for business, networking and building your Google Profle

Hey Everyone!

Great to be selling and offering my unique service on Swapd!

The service will make you a writer on

You will have your own contributor profile on and be able to submit articles on their website in your niche.

The service will require patience (on average it takes 3 to 5 weeks to have it all sorted)

To be on the safe side give the service 6 weeks max. You will need to already have a good presence in google and a strong following helps to be approved. Having run a successful business also helps too.

Price for the service is $10k via SWAPD Escrow.

We will pitch you to the relevant people at and go through their fast tracked process. We have direct contacts there.

Payment is only released once you have been invited to become a writer on Once you are invited you will be able to submit articles.

Being a writer is worth the investment. It can bring you lots of business opportunities, networking opportunities and help get verified too.

In addition, you can get clients who want articles and re-coup your investment easily with a few articles!

Become Established now!!

Benefits can include:

Niche credibility 

Unique name validity

Organic search engine results

Heightened search query likelihood

Increased chances for career opportunities and a wikipedia page

Another step toward social media verification on Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

Any questions about the service feel free to message me or comment below!


Answering all messages about the service today!!

Interested, but not at that price point.

Don’t see price

Price is in my thread

It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure someone is accepted as a writer and takes a couple of weeks too - thats why the price is a bit high

The investment is worth it as it can bring in entrepreneurs a lot of new business and networking opportunities.

Interested. Not at 10k. 2k and your first testimonial.

Sorry I cant reduce pricing for this

Yes makes sense - others charge much more for this

Do remember funds would only be released by Swpad once the job is completed!


I think the price point is fair. They can easily make money back with this investment.


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messaging back everyone now!!!

Any questions feel free to msg me!!!

Is there any successful sale yet?

And is this 100% guaranteed? Meaning upon payment in 6 weeks you will get this done no matter what? Or are there chances of rejection?

PMed you.

How much does it cost to buy an item?


Its been 18 days and haven’t gotten a response on the inquiry.

Had sent a PM and buyer said they will get back to me after a while. And they didn’t. 18 days and counting. :smiley:

Is this even active? @Swapd

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Same, I PMed several weeks ago and no response.

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For me the buyer was like

will get back to you during the week - currently travelling!

The week never got over. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Swapd I guess the seller can’t deliver or is least bothered. In any case, this fairy tale service would most probably stay a fairy tale. Best to close it.

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Closing. Seller is unresponsive.