Bespoke Social Media Account

Service type:
Bespoke Instagram Account with OGE (Tailored to your needs + goals)

You choose:

  • Country of followers (Majority from Tier 1 country)
  • Amount of followers
  • Topic/Niche

From $800 + SWAPD fees (for 100k followers)
(Discounts available for first ten clients)


  • editorial calendar for a week or a month after delivery: content will be written so you only need to post (it can also be automated)
  • curation: selection of images/videos and creation
  • art buying: purchase of all images/videos with the copyright authorizations provided
  • community management: management of your account for at least a week
  • strategic alliances: partnerships with influencers and/or brands

In this service, I will create from scratch and deliver an Instagram/Facebook account which will be tailored to your needs. E.g You want a wedding IG with 250k followers, majority from the USA - I will create the content, manage the account for the right amount of time and then deliver once the goals are all reached. I personally prefer to work on luxury, fashion & beauty, lifestyle pages since many clients I have are from that industry but I have worked in Music/Fitness/Gaming/Motivational/Event & more as well. Please message me as much information about your need as possible.

Not only will you get a strong & active community but you will also be able to check your account on real time.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a BESPOKE service and as mentioned I will need many details in order to build the right social media strategy. Each client will have a bespoke plan with KPI’s and goals before starting any service.

Why me?
I have been in the “influence industry” for 10+ years and run various successful campaigns for brands online and offline. I currently own an agency counting several large brands as its clients.

Things I do:

  • Deliver an active brand/community
  • Offer a good engagement rate
  • Provide the original email
  • Get Tier 1 country for the major number of followers
  • Update daily with weekly reports

Things I don’t do:

  • BOTS: don’t ask me to get fake followers
  • Offline chat: what happens on SWAPD stays on SWAPD
  • Pre-payment: we will use the escrow service meaning that I only get paid when I deliver


  • Promotion methods used? Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks/Influence marketing
  • Which risks? Delays on delivery
  • Duration? Minimum 10 days

100k followers for $800 in tier 1 countries? Sign me up.

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What’s the discount when I buy 10 of them?

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I’ll top that, I can buy 15-20 accounts, let me know the discount you can offer.

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Following. Interested in 10 accounts. Let me know the discount you can offer.

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Please remember it is a bespoke service. I need at least to know: the niche, the number of followers and the add-ons you want. It’s even best if you can mention pages you wish you had.
Then I can give you the pricing and the estimated date for delivery.

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