Bespoke Social Media Account


Looks like you’ve copy and pasted my thread and changed a few things

Anyway, following the thread to see how it goes with the IG account growth. Keen to see how it goes!

@tnc-low keep us updated with how it goes!


Tbh I didn’t remember your thread as I reviewed many. I checked if that service was available and what is key information. Got that first topic as a combination of many.

The first proof is in few weeks.

Didn’t see your message. There is a misunderstanding. I have no intention in explaining something I don’t know and/or that you could know better. The service without escrow has been offered to some people already to build some trust. Being a VIP doesn’t make any preference to me.

But what you mentioned is not escrow (at least to me) because if you decide not to take the account I either have to keep the account or to sell it.

Mate are you ok? I dropped it when you said no. I never said im vip give me no pre pay.

Did I write otherwise 30 minutes ago? I just said it doesn’t make any preference to me.

You insisted and I told you that I respect your decision if you choose to wait.
Now I say I don’t have any preference and you bring screenshots for something you read on the last post that isn’t on it.

You wished be glws. Thanks. I have some and will focus on that from now on.

You are brain fried clearly . You tag me a day after i agreed with your decission and you say “being vip doesnt make any preference to me” .
Nowhere i said it should, you explained how swapd escrow works and i said im vip i know how it works meaning ive done transactions here :roll_eyes:

You also say you dont do without pre pay because you can be stuck with the account then say you have offered service without escrow to some people :joy:
Be serious and learn how to do business.:+1:
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Not exactly. As I said, I didn’t see your message. The least I can do is to answer when you write me. At least for me.

Didn’t say otherwise.


Correct. And I wrote it again.

Correct. I had to offer that solution to some people and I did. I don’t offer it in general.

So answering you and telling you I only do escrow because I reached the number of accounts I can take without escrow is not serious. Ok, thanks.


I said last reply but i must reply to you :joy:in our private message you said “i cant offer no pre payment because then i can be stuck with an account” not once you mentioned “i reached the number of accounts i can do without escrow”
Again learn how to do business :roll_eyes:i would advise people not to deal with you but oh well

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I’d suggest we stop arguing about this. To my knowledge, the seller will be starting a service shortly (or have already started it), and we’ll see how it goes. Then we can take it from there.

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Sure mate he tagged me to bump the post a day after and is talking non sense.

And not once I mentioned I already closed some tickets. Because that’s none of your business. But I told you I understand and respect your point of view if you choose to wait or not to order.

You have something in mind and won’t stop. Whether you are right or not.

Will stop answering him from now on.

Again you tagged me without reason i had to explain myself . Kids trying to do business :roll_eyes:

Yes, I started.

I pmed

hi is the service for 100k follwers 800usd ??
to build a account in the online business niche

Well i am interested as well but waiting to see some successful deliveries.

Even if you are doing it good, i still don’t know how can you get 100k organic/ real followers in few days … Instagram can consider the account spammy or sth similar and it could be removed later.

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Would you be interested in working the viral / meme / humor category? If so, how big of an account could you create?

I’d like details on this offer?