Best BITCOIN wallet?



Anyone can please tell me which is the best and most suitable bitcoin wallet??



Ledger. Hardware wallet. Most secure. Have it for over a year and I’m satisfied with it


Is it sturdy? Might have to get myself one.




Nano S or Nano X, and which one would you recommend?


I’m not an expert and I never checked the X. I own the S one and it’s great.


I own Trezor T, Nano s and Nano X. Security wise they’re all same. You can just get Nano S if you’re looking at the cheapest option.


Why do you need/have so many?


Nano S certainly feels like a sturdy wallet to hold. Trezor T feels the most delicate.


I don’t need them all. It’s more like convenience. I just like to diversify my stack and store it in different wallets.
For example, the I will never touch Bitcoin in my Trezor T till next 5-10 years. That stack is my long term investment that I am willing to hold no mater where the price in USD goes.
I use Nano S when I am travelling,sending and receiving general payments or for 'Using BTC". I always have my Nano S with me.
Nano X is a new wallet I just bought to try. Now I will also put some BTC on it and hold along with my Trezor.
Bitcoin is a relatively new technology and I just diversify my stack in between Ledger and Trezor. Let’s say there is a bug or a glitch in one, I can always use the other wallet. I can also have NanoX as a backup wallet to restore any of my wallets in case of a damage, loss or theft.

You are perfectly good with just one hardware wallet. I just have extra wallets as a ‘safety measure’.