Best domain name for any Experience Design Agency

Domain name:
Website included?: nope
Price: 4,000 OBO

Description: Experience Design (XD) is currently one of the hottest career now days and apparently going on the high. Best domain ever for any XD Agency or Freelance, it engages users with the “.do” and in the shortest possible way has XD all over it.

Why this is valuable?

  • Comparable domains sold:
  • - SOLD for more than $25,000
  • - SOLD for $8,400
  • - SOLD for $4,000

Valuation Link

  • Another extension sold with high price: with a different extension sold for over $25,000.
  • Short: is 15 characters or less.
  • Extensions taken: The .com and 21 other extensions of xd are in use.
  • Highly Searched: xd receives over 450,000 searches per month on Google®
  • Competitive: Advertisers pay up to $2 per click to advertise under xd

Broad Searches

Keyword: xd (Experience Design)
Monthly Searches: 7,480,000
Cost per Click: $0.70

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rawr xD

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Lol, works for that too. XD

Bump! Still available.

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