BEST EVER 3L Instagram @ w/ OGE | 50 Million+ #s

Property type: Instagram OG Username
Why is it unique?: 50 Million + #s on this username alone, along with 100s of DMs every week + tags in hundreds of posts. It gains followers automatically just from such tags.
BIN: $70,000 + Swapd Fees.
C/O: $20,000

Description: I have had this account in my possession for over 4 years now and this account has only been in possession of 2 people, the original owner who I received it from and me. It comes with the OGE ( and I don’t believe this has ever been on the market before.

You can easily use this for a variety of niches or as a personal or for your own brands. The possibilities with this @ are literally limitless in my opinion.

I’m in no rush and the only payment method I would be accepting is Crypto (BTC/ETH/etc).


Handle please

Updated the current offer.

Let me know if anyone is interested in buying what their final @.

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